The festival's friends

The festival's friends

Norwich Film Festival

Norwich has been twinned with Rouen for over 60 years and NFF was created just one year before TIE and takes place on the same dates as us. A lot of coincidences for a partnership that is developing year after year. The NFF logo will be displayed on the joint films.


November 10-22nd 2022

France Cartoons

This association, run by Pierre Balouhey, promotes and encourages, through humour, friendship between people. As this is also the aim of This is England, we have been working together for three years now, presenting an exhibition of press cartoons on loan from France Cartoons at the same time as the festival, providing a complementary vision to the films.



The International festival of caricature

This cartoon show is held every year in Saint Just-Le-Martel and Steve Bell, cartoonist for the Guardian and friend of the festival, is often invited to both Saint Just and Rouen for joint exhibitions, such as the latest Bell Brochette.



British week in Bruz

The British Week at the Grand Logis has been organised by the team of the cultural centre of the town of Bruz, on the outskirts of Rennes, for the past 12 years. It offers, in addition to a dozen or so new feature films, activities around British cinema and culture. The closing night is always dedicated to short films, with a free screening after the awards ceremony of the feature film competition. Last year, a selection of TIE shorts was presented.


January 2023

Insa Rouen Normandie

This engineering school, located on the outskirts of Rouen, has been hosting an exhibition of press cartoons by Steve Bell for the past two years as part of the TIE festival. This year it is the Bell Brochette exhibition, augmented by new creations, which will be honoured with a round table day in the presence of Steve Bell, Pierre Balouhey, Placide and Zeno.


October 13th-November 25th

The Rouen library network

For several years now, Rouen's libraries have been organising events around British culture in partnership with the TIE festival. This year, an exhibition of press cartoons "The British seen by the French and the French seen by the British" will be presented to the public.


October 20th-November 26th